Animal Control

Bureau County

Animal Registration

According to the State of Illinois Animal Control Act of 1973, "all dogs must be vaccinated and registered upon reaching four (4) months of age. Failure to vaccinate and register your dog could result in a minimum fine of $100 up to $500 plus costs of impounding."

As a reminder, any city or village tag does not take the place of a county registration tag.

You can obtain a rabies tag and register your dog by doing one of the following:

  1. You may purchase a tag from your veterinarian's office and they will forward the information to our office.
  2. You may purchase a tag from the office or Bureau County courthouse in the Treasurer's office by presenting your record of vaccination and when applicable, your record of altering (neutered/spayed).
  3. You may mail a copy of your record of vaccination and when applicable , your record of altering (neutered/spayed). Our office will then mail you a tag.

The fee for your tag will be as follows:

DurationAlteringDog Tag FeeCat Tag Fee
1 yearneutered/spayed$18$10
1 yearintact$28$20
3 yearsneutered/spayed$38$25
3 yearsintact$68$55