Animal Control

Bureau County

Animal Adoption

The Bureau County Animal Control Department makes available for adoption any stray dogs picked up where no owner is identified.

Animal Control does not charge any fees for adoption. However, there are requirements that do have costs that are performed at one of the local veterinarians and must be paid by the person adopting.

Rabies shots - 1 year
Rabies tag - 1 year (based on spayed/neutered status)
Annual physical and DPC vaccination
Stool parasite analysis
Heartworm check
Drontal/Strongid Dewormer
Complimentary bath
Complimentary ears, nails, glands
Adoption paperwork

The adopter will sign an adoption agreement that requires them to care for the dog and have it spayed/neutered if not already done.

The adopter will need to pick up the dog no later than the next day, if you are from out of the area you can pick up the same day.