Animal Control

Bureau County


Welcome to the Bureau County Animal Control department website.

The Bureau County Animal Control department is a part of the Bureau County Health Department. Located in Princeton, IL, the Animal Control department services Bureau County.

Our kennel hours are 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

The Bureau County Animal Control department reminds the owners of all dogs that each of them must be registered with the County every year. This is to ensure that all dogs are vaccinated and prevents the spread of rabies. Without vaccination records, a dog bite requires extensive treatment for rabies in a human. To prevent, minimize and control the spread of rabies all dogs must be vaccinated. The Animal Control Office maintains registration records for this purpose and investigates over 150 dog bites a year. Should any citizen know of a dog that is not registered they can report the owner of the dog anonymously at (815) 879-5981 or thru the Anonymous Tips web page (click here) on this site.

According to the State of Illinois Animal Control Act of 1973, "all dogs must be vaccinated and registered upon reaching (4) four months of age. Failure to vaccinate and register your dog could result in a minimum fine of $100 up to $500 plus the costs of impounding."